Issue 01


Never back
Roman Kutzowitz presents a photo-series about the places, victims and opponents of human trafficking on the Sinai Peninsula.

No Life Without
Robert Funke shows us the everyday reality of two heroin addicts that are in a state-supervised treatment with substitutes. The reportage was produced in the timeframe of over a year.

Fragmented City
Marietta Kesting was in Johannesburg, South Africa where she filmed and photographed in a neighborhood predominantly inhabited by migrant workers.

Open Group
Henrike Naumann’s contribution gives us insight into the social media imagery used by people from her hometown, which sympathize with the German Neo-Nazi movement.

First Case, Second Case
Azin Feizabadi translated and commented ‚First Case, Second Case‘ a film by Abbas Kiarostami long believed lost, before resurfacing during the Green Revolution of 2009 in Iran.

Wat Thai
Jakob Ganslmeier reveals the life of Buddhist Monks from Thailand living in Berlin. The Focus of the series lies on the interaction between their traditional lifestyle and the western context.

Window Shopping
Kevin Fuchs visited the G8-Summit in Northern Ireland, and found the government had placed large adhesive banners over abandoned shop windows. Images of opulently stocked shops mask the reality of the economically downtrodden rural areas.


Edition: 600
Format: 60 Pages
24×20 cm Offset-Print
ISSN: 2198-5952

Images and Texts by:
Nick Bourland, Azin Feizabadi, Kevin Fuchs, Robert Funke, Jakob Ganslmeier, Henrike Naumann, Marietta Kesting, Ulrike Kremeier, Roman Kutzowitz

Kevin Fuchs, Robert Funke, Jakob Ganslmeier, Roman Kutzowitz

Athanasios Kanakis

Nick Bourland