Issue 02


Emile Ducke photographed Transnistria, a breakaway state in which Soviet structures persist, in a time of political disaccord.
We glimpse into the multiethnic region between the borders.

Erste Lektionen in Hydrologie (und andere Bemerkungen)
Adelaide Ivánova investigates the analogies between her hometown Recife and the life of her father. Urban development, shark attacks, loss and Kung Fu. We present seven excerpts from her book.

How-to Open Source Investigations
Eliot Higgins, the founder of the open source platform for investigative citizen-journalism ‚Bellingcat‘ has written up a first of its kind. A detailed ‚how to‘ investigate in social media to achieve verifiable results.

Ulrich Hagel’s portraits from the year 1994 show inmates of the Berlin-Plötzensee Prison. His frame-filling images give life behind bars a face.

Paradise Parks
Michael Schade’s photo-series is being published posthumously at FOG. A disturbing insight into red-light districts of South-East-Asia in the year 1998. Exclusively published from the collection of the dkw. Museum Cottbus.

Private images from the post-war life of the most ruthless female war criminal of WWII; the ‚Mare of Majdanek‘. Accompanied by an interview with the Austrian Man who found the images.

This photo series depicts seven soldiers that served in the Bundeswehr (german armed forces). They have differing backgrounds in the military, among them are: an elite soldier, an intercultural advisor, a paramedic, and a military pastor. As a result of their deployments abroad they share a common ailment, they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Stadt der Zukunft
FOG’s own Robert Funke publishes his long-term reportage about the GDR Blockhouse projects in western Leipzig. The work reflects on the failed utopia of industrialized social housing schemes as well as the changes that Grünau and its inhabitants have have seen.

In his 30 minute film, the Italian filmmaker Marco Di Noia exposes us to the crisis-stricken Greece.

Trolley Pushers
Claudio Rasanos’ portraits show South African garbage collectors. Known as trolley pushers, they scour the bins and sidewalks of Johannesburg for resalable waste.


Edition: 600 Stück
Format: 120 Pages
24×20 cm Offset-Print

Images and Text by:
Marco Di Noia, Robert Funke, Jakob Ganslmeier, Elliot Higgins, Adelaide Ivánova, Ulrich Hagel, Tuna Kaptan, Michael Löwa, Claudio Rasano, Michael Schade

Kevin Fuchs, Robert Funke, Jakob Ganslmeier, Ulja Jäger, Roman Kutzowitz

Sebastian Jehl