About FOG

FOG is a platform for great documentary work – on and offline. We publish unique positions within the documentary field including photography, film and multimedia.


We talk, work and live on the Internet, where actuality is emphasized and permanence is absent. At FOG, we understand contemporary documentary methods place speed before substance, resulting in an editorial environment that is hostile to the complex nature of quality documentary work.

FOG positions itself as an interface between content and aesthetics, print and digital media, and tradition and experimentation within the documentary field. The unifying line behind our individual editorial positions lies in our willingness to embrace reality and communicate about the world out there, from within. Addressing an issue requires both presenting appropriate background information and treating the subject in a manner that stresses integrity and responsibility.
At the same time it’s our understanding that producing documentary works is a constant process of questioning one’s motives, cultural and economic background, and simply finding the right way to talk about a topic. We navigate subjectivity and truth and move in a minefield of grand ideas, yet insist on finding a coherent visual language to describe what we see. This process is complicated and answers to the questions that come up along the way are usually elusive or contradictory.

In presenting such a potpourri of works we create tension and variety while giving the images enough space to breathe. Contradiction can be a great means to invoke reflection. Presenting the works in print and through our online platform gives us a chance to move way from the definitive work to a malleable treatment. Editing and prioritizing are essential, but often lead to a one dimensional representation of a topic. The online platform gives us the chance to be generous with our image selections and incorporate multimedia content, which leads to a deeper understanding of our topics.


We’re ad-free and independent. That means we’re experimenting with alternative forms of funding for our platform. Through subscriptions we hope to maintain our site and reimburse the artists/producers. We also engage in partnerships with other companies, such as printers and translation service providers.

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The Team

Kevin Fuchs

Jakob Ganslmeier

Ulja Jäger

Sebastian Jehl

Roman Kutzowitz

Hannes Wiedemann