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More documentaries


A special kind of travel guide about Poland. Jakob Ganslmeier uses typical categories to comment on a shifting society that brims with irony.


Nigel Poor works with a vast archive of images found in San Quentin prison

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Jan’s eyes light up when he talks about theater. Andrej Kolenčík and his film crew accompany the star in his less-than-glamorous daily life.


In rural small towns in the United States, hackers are working on merging man and machine. Hannes Wiedemann reports on the DIY cyborgs.

Robin Hinsch photographed throughout the recent period of crisis in Ukraine and shows the theater of war.


Yvette Marie Dostatni portrays outsiders and oddities, fragile old-timers, and Americana from the Indiana plains to downtown Chicago.

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Ludwig Rauch offers us unique insights into the militant Neo-Nazi scene of the early 1990s in eastern Germany.


Shanna und Ljoscha are dependent. Stigmatized by society, they struggle through illness and addiction without losing their dry sense of humor.


For ten years, Adelaide Ivánova photographed her grandmother Adelaide.